How do I join or try a class out?

Contact us using the details below and we will arrange for you to attend a trial class asap. Following your trial class, we will be happy to discuss membership options with you. 

When are your classes?

Monday 5:50pm – 7:10pm Kids & 7:15pm – 8:20pm Adults

New location coming soon (TUESDAY’S) 4.00pm to 5:10pm kids class only. More information soon.

Wednesday 5:30pm to 6:45pm kids 6:50pm to 8:00pm adults

Thursday 6:30pm -7:30pm Women classes only

Friday 6:00pm – 7:15pm Kids & 7:20pm – 8:45pm Adults

Classes are held throughout the year including Bank Holidays when timings may be subject to change due to Leisure Centre opening times.  We have one week off in April, August and two weeks off in December. 

We will notify students of this in advance or alternatively please call us to check Bank Holiday class times.
Private sessions are also available by arrangement with Sensei Keron

Parking available

Tooting Leisure Centre has a large car park. You will need to enter your registration number in the console in Reception on arrival.  This will allow you to park for free on-site for 2 hours but be sure to park within the designated spaces and follow any local signage. The car park can get busy at times, so it’s always advisable to arrive in plenty of time.

Do I need to be fit

Don’t worry about your fitness level to start with, everyone starts at their own pace, and your fitness will build up as you progress. You will be required to complete a questionnaire on your readiness to exercise, which will help us understand what level you are at as well as any injuries or medical conditions which might affect your training.

Are classes suitable for everyone

Classes are suitable for all levels and the instructors will be on hand to help.  Some activities will involve the whole class and some activities will be set according to grade level. Beginners are always made to feel welcome by Instructors and fellow students alike. You will be asked to complete a form before taking part so that we can take into account any injuries or medical conditions that might affect your ability to exercise or perform any of the techniques.

Are there any age restrictions

Children generally start at 5 years old, but you are welcome to bring your 4-year-old along for a trial session if you feel they will benefit from starting earlier. We will assess them during the session and discuss their readiness with you at the end.  Under 5’s will be permitted to join at

the discretion of the instructor.

At the other end of the scale, you are never too old! We have many parents who have joined the club after watching their children take part and we have colleagues in martial arts who are in their sixties and seventies.

Professional Affliation

We are proud to be affiliated with the British Martial arts & Boxing Association (BMABA) please see link for more details https://bmaba.org.uk/clubs/

Are there any belts and gradings

We have a grading syllabus and usually hold gradings 3 times a year.

Under normal circumstances, students are asked if they feel ready to grade and then go through a series of pre-assessments before the actual grading. As well as testing the basic techniques, the grading includes self-defence applications, pad work, break falls and sparring.  We feel strongly that it is important to know how to defend yourself and how to fall correctly if you get pushed or trip, which is why these elements are included in the grading. If you do not feel comfortable sparring, you are able to take part in classes but will not be able to grade. However, we would encourage everyone to give sparring a go, as confidence will increases with experience and you will be guided every step of the way.  Many students who were reluctant to spar go on to find it extremely enjoyable.

What should I wear

To begin with, please wear comfortable clothing suitable for exercise (e.g. T-shirt and tracksuit bottoms). You will need to arrive in your training clothes. We normally train with bare feet with the option of having dojo shoes. Please refer to our website to purchase clothing and kit. Once you have tried us out and are happy, we will speak to you about the uniform and other equipment available to purchase from the club.

What should I bring

As well as wearing comfortable clothing suitable for exercise and dojo shoes/ light footwear (see “What should I wear?”), please always ensure you bring plenty of water to class. We do not recommend fizzy or sweet drinks or sweets. Food cannot be eaten during class (except for medical reasons).  It’s useful to have a small “kit bag” to keep all your items in so that they don’t get lost or mixed up with other people’s.

What equipment do I need

You won’t need anything straight away, but we will go through all the requirements with you after you join.  Safety is our priority and there are some items which will be essential for sparring and other items which we can recommend for a better experience.  Do remember plenty of water though.

Can I watch my child during the class

Parents/carers and other family members are welcome to watch the class we encourage them to watch and support the gradings. Our instructors are fully qualified and DBS-cleared and we will ask for your contact details and any relevant medical information relating to your child. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to raise them with us when you call.

Where can I buy uniform and equipment

Speak to Sensei Keron, or view website to see full kit and options.

Do you do any sparring in the classes

Yes, sparring featured in classes is an essential part of the grading syllabus and an extremely beneficial way of honing your skills and increasing your confidence and stamina. For us, it is an integral part of martial arts.  Those who did not feel comfortable sparring were able to take part in classes but not be able to grade.    We encourage everyone to give sparring a go as confidence will increase with experience and you will be guided every step of the way.  Many students who were reluctant to spar go on to find it extremely enjoyable.