Q1: How long have you been training in martial arts and which ones have you done?

I have been training in martial arts for 5 years, the 5 years I have been training has been with Sensi Keron. Before that I have tried capoeira but have not pursued this.

Q2: What made you start martial arts?

I started this sport as I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle and have knowledge on how to defend myself as a female. Martial arts have always been of interest to me, and I am glad that I have found a place that teaches life changing lessons and attitudes.

Q3: Why did you become an Instructor / Sempai? (What made you want to or agree to when asked.)

I was fortunate enough to be given the role of a Sempai as I am dedicated in my learning and love to see others benefit from what I learn. Seeing other individuals progress is a very rewarding opportunity to be a part of. Also, the team that I know I will work alongside with are very understanding and professional.

Q4: What’s the best thing about being an Instructor / Sempai?

The best thing I look forward to as a Sempai is learning more as I believe there are endless techniques and martial arts that our instructor brings to the club to benefit from. I also look forward to working with the young children and building my confidence on the journey.

Q5: What other experience do you have?

I have in my past jobs worked with children and I know techniques and strategies to approach them with.

Q6: What do you do outside the dojo … what are your hobbies and interests?

I am currently a student studying and working from home, however in my free time I love to go to the gym and read books.

Q7: Favourite food:

My favourite food is vegan lasagne

Q8: One interesting fact that people might not know about you:

A lot of people may not know I am half Yemen and half Somali and I speak 3 languages.