Q1: How long have you been training in martial arts and which ones have you done?

I have been been training for over 10 years in karate styles such as : shotokan and wado ryu.

Q2: What made you start martial arts?

I wanted to start martial arts to be able to defend myself and others and also gain the prestigious rank of black belt.

Q3: Why did you become an Instructor / Sempai? (What made you want to or agree to when asked.)

I have always loved learning and then sharing that knowledge gained to others,so when I was approached about the position there was no question I was going to become apart of the team .

Q4: What’s the best thing about being an Instructor / Sempai?

The best thing is seeing the students put in lots of hard work and improving then being successful at grading to the next belt.I feel very proud when students earn their next belt and thankful that I get to see them grow in their journey.

Q5: What other experience do you have?

I have achieved the rank of black belt 1st Dan in another karate style.

Q6: What do you do outside the dojo … what are your hobbies and interests?

Outside of the dojo I love to go to the gym and play maybe a little too much Xbox.

Q7: Favourite technique:

My favourite technique is the round house kick as it is effective at three different heights and has different variations that are very useful.

Q8: Favourite food:

My favourite food is buffalo chicken with some ranch dressing.

Q9: One interesting fact that people might not know about you:

I am able to solve a Rubik’s cube in under 30 seconds, with a personal best of 11 seconds