Q1: How long have you been training in martial arts and which ones have you done?

I started my training when I was 7 years; my parents put me into karate as a kid with my siblings. I started taking it seriously when I was 17 and me and my brother started with Sensei Keron under the old dojo and since then, that’s when my training really started. Under my old dojo, it was Shotokan and Goju-ryu but now its mixed martial arts.

Q2: What made you start martial arts?

My parents originally but then I grew a passion for it and that’s what ultimately made me continue to train

Q3: Why did you become an Instructor / Sempai? (What made you want to or agree to when asked.)

Although I trained in other dojos, not one compared to Sensei Keron’s. At the time I joined my next belt was brown but I wasn’t really brown-belt standard Sensei Keron, essentially trained me from scratch to brown belt standard. He has always invested time and knowledge into his students so when I had the opportunity to help out, I was more than delighted to give something back to the dojo.

Q4: What’s the best thing about being an Instructor / Sempai?

The ability to pass down knowledge to others and watching everyone grow in their abilities

Q5: What other experience do you have?

Just mixed martial arts for now!

Q6: What do you do outside the dojo … what are your hobbies and interests?

I work in finance as my day-to-day job. Hobbies wise I enjoy reading, mostly on the commute to work. I also enjoy exploring new activities such as bouldering, badminton and so on. I also like to bake when I get some free time!

Q7: Favourite technique:

Anything with an epic kick

Q8: Favourite food:


Q9: One interesting fact that people might not know about you:

I crochet and have a small side business making customised items (not very active anymore since busy with work and karate!)